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Bottle washers

Bottle washers: returnable and continuous
Output range:
 1 500 to 50 000 bottles/hour
Bottle washing:
from 0.25 litres to 1 litre
Specific advantages:
elimination of the risk of bottle recontamination behind the lye section

Bottle rinsers

Bottle rinsers are designed to clean the inside of one-way bottles and plastic bottles by rinsing them before they enter the filler. Drinking water, a cleaning solution or disinfectant, steam or inert gas can be used for rinsing. The machine can be used for the sterilization of glass bottles as well.

It is possible to combine two to three rinsing mediums consecutively.

  • The machine can simply be rebuilt to accommodate the use of a different type of bottle by changing the bottle separation and the grip head.
  • The operation of the rinsing machine is controlled by programmable automation, enabling the option to select independent control from the filler. The selected machine functions are shown on the display.

Can rinsers

  • For lower output lines a stepping rinser can be used
  • For higher output lines a continual rinser is more suitable that is connected to the can turner at the entry to and exit from the rinser
  • Rinsing is controlled from the filler and is interrupted if the filler is not operating
  • The rinser can be used for cans of various heights with the same diameter
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